Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 29th December 2013

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Sunday 29th December 2013: 5.47pm. Beginning to feel "normal" again finally, helped by enough sleep at long last to pay back a lot of that sleep debt incurred during relocation. Bought a car, a year 2000 1.4L Ford Focus, insurance for the two of us was €350 which was a €70 penalty or so for having been a year outside Ireland. My jury rigged internet via a well positioned mobile phone hotspot at the top left of the window in the sitting room (only place it gets reliable 3g) is working okay enough to get work done. Cleared the email backlog, delocked most of my accounts after the relocation except for eBay who are being difficult in insisting they absolutely must ring only the Canadian telephone numbers for verification. Tomorrow Megan's friends visit for two days, shortly thereafter is my consulting company's AGM (it may be dormant, but still needs a raft of annual paperwork to be filed) and I really must get onto my Graph Algorithms coursework on which I am very behind given the last month. Lastly, of course, I must get my academic paper for C++ Now 2014 somewhat researched and written as I suspect from February onwards I won't get the free time where I am not exhausted!

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