Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 28th December 2013

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Saturday 28th December 2013: 2.08am. Apologies for dropping off all communications these past four days. Got to Dad's house after three days of trying to emigrate from Canada to Ireland to find the phone line and ADSL are completely dead, so no internet nor means to ring anyone about it. And his house is in a valley, so barely a mobile phone signal either. It took several trial and error runs - including walking to the top of the nearest hill and standing there trying to enter credit card details on a mobile phone - to figure out which of Ireland's remaining three mobile networks can deliver something like a reliable 3g signal to the house, and so as of a few hours ago thanks to Android's local wifi hotspot feature we have some viably useful, if incredibly laggy due to the 150ms ping time, internet. And thus correspondences will be issued tomorrow! Happy Christmas everyone!

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