Niall’s virtual diary archives – Saturday 7th December 2013

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Saturday 7th December 2013: 1.51am. Location: Waterloo, Ontario.

Next stop on my tour of Canadian alcohol before we return to Europe is this unreasonably priced all rye 100% Canadian whiskey from Alberta. I'm not a fan of Canadian whiskey, I find it generally tasteless though there are a few which are quite drinkable for their price, one of which is the 20 year old Canadian Club which is pretty good for $50 (remember any decent old world whiskey starts at $80 moving rapidly upwards in Canada). This one cost quite a bit more than that 20yr Canadian Club, but I wouldn't rate it much better, but seeing as I won't find this in Europe but could a Canadian Club, I chose this instead. It's a very good example of Canadian whiskey for sure though, and hence an excellent way to see out our time here. So here's a tip of the glass to Canada!
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