Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 4th February 2013

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Monday 4th February 2013: 3.19am. I've just set the upgrade to the Plone VM to Plone 4.2.4 replicating across the cloud, so that's that done. Another item off the post-immigration todo list. Now I can sleep, thank god. Some interesting things learned: when fed a 7Gb store file, the varnish reverse proxy will map all 7Gb into RAM even if it only uses the 100Mb you told it. I assume on a 64 bit machine who cares, but it certainly pumps up the virtual address space usage. And my French cloud node is now running five VMs occupying about 2Gb of RAM, yet the node itself only has 2Gb of RAM (it's cheap) and interestingly, its hypervisor only actually uses 850-1100Mb (it varies according to load) and uses the rest for buffers and caches, which implies that (correctly) the VMs only use about 60% of their allocated RAM. So, about a third of a Gb is pushed by the hypervisor to swap, which I assume, judging by the page fault count, is actually fair optimal. Ok, time to prepare for work tomorrow. Good night.

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