Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 3rd February 2013

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Sunday 3rd February 2013: 11.23pm. As I continue to wait around for magnetic storage, I'm looking forward to the Plone 4.2 series (the 4.3 series is about to be released, which is why I'm now upgrading to the 4.2 series :) ). Plone 4.1 was based on venerable old Python 2.6, and while its RAM consumption was much improved over the Python 2.3 days, it still weighs in at a good 330Mb or so. Supposedly Python 2.7 plus the new ZODB in Zope 2.13 cuts a good chunk off that, plus of course the 4.2 series has completely redone collections so anything indexed goes several orders of speed faster. Looks interesting.

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