Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 21st January 2013

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Monday 21st January 2013: 2.53am. My laptop just got infected by a webpage via a Java exploit which loaded a load of viruses onto it while I was looking at golfers' opinions on sunglasses! I only noticed because the hard drive went nuts during page load, and I thought "hmm that's odd, even for Java". So I fired up task explorer and lo and behold, there were running processes downloading and writing files with random hexadecimal names all over the hidden parts of Windows. Needless to say, I instantly disabled Wifi, and it's now running a deep virus scan and clean. I am not impressed - second time ever getting a virus in my life, and the virus scanner didn't catch it. Too new I guess. It's irritating actually, I normally run Java disabled, but Google Chrome has been constantly crashing recently so I was temporarily using Opera which had Java turned on :(

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