Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 11th June 2012

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Monday 11th June 2012: 8.44pm. Link shared:

I just got an email from VIA to say their long awaited  #APC  has just gone on pre-sale for US$49 including worldwide delivery early July. Now should I get this or a +Raspberry Pi for US$42 inc. delivery? The APC is better bang for the buck with 512Mb RAM and 2Gb onboard flash and an #ARM11  @ 800Mhz, whereas the #raspberrypi  only has 256Mb RAM and an  #ARM11  @ 700Mhz. The APC is half a mini-ITX, so there are cases galore even reusing an old full ATX case, and it comes with power adapter whereas the RaspPi does not. The only problem is the APC can only do 720p whereas the RaspPi can do 1080p and has a much beefier GPU. And RaspPi has a much bigger community. Decisions decisions ...

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