Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 9th May 2012

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Wednesday 9th May 2012: 7.39pm. Got a fruit fly infestation which defies all (expensive) attempts to eliminate it? Some got into our bottle bin last week, and though Megan fixed that source they used it to multiply heavily and got into everything else, constantly staying one step ahead of our best attempts to stop their reproduction cycle. Anyway, forget about expensive remedies. Turns out through trial and error that putting cheap ant powder into many small dishes and sploshing on a little (preferably sweet) beer brings them in their dozens to each dish to try and eat the beer. Place dishes strategically around the house not too far apart e.g. near the bin, near the dishwasher, near the cooker etc. And lo and behold, one becomes killer of hundreds of the little things! Their little bodies just pile up in (and around) the saucers in droves.

Hopefully this finally gets rid of them! They don't bite, but they're annoying and they try to eat your dinner and drink your drink out from under you! They're also very surprisingly adaptable once they're in your house.

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