Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 7th May 2012

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Monday 7th May 2012: 6.53pm. I've finished rejecting the last of the job offers made to me by North American companies, so after many, many months of interviewing I am glad to finally be able to announce that I have accepted a conditional offer by Research In Motion, the makers of +BlackBerry, to join their Native SDK team as a Senior Software Engineer in their Waterloo, Ontario HQ this summer. They executed a nearly flawless recruitment process over 20+ hours of telephone and video interviewing, and if their business execution is anything like as excellent as their recruitment was then they're due for a huge bounce back.

I'd just like to thank all the wonderful Silicon Valley companies I interviewed with who've been just superb, and to those within the US multinationals who have done so much to advocate for me within those organisations. I still have the background check and Canadian visa processes to complete, so I have no idea when I'll actually be making the move. I will try to visit friends across Europe before the move if I can!

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