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Tuesday 13th November 2007: 4.16pm. Here we are in Reading Week at long last! To think that a month and a half has passed ... gee, it felt a lot longer. There's been lots of drama in everyone else's life, but mine, well mine is pleasantly dull. And I'm very glad for it!

I basically spend most of my time with Megan which continues to go well. I squeeze a few hours in per week to work on Brook and as of yesterday, its CPU backend is about forty times faster than it used to be and is stable and working well. It's nearly finished actually in terms of how I wanted to upgrade it - if only they'd fix the bugs I submitted to AMD about their very crappy OpenGL support in their drivers for both Windows and Linux (neither can drive more than one graphics card at once, even though their DX9 drivers can, and this is more than shit). The only real thing left to do with it is a regression suite for the new features, and stuff it through Glowcode and Valgrind to clean up any bad code and resource leaks. I then might merge it into TnFOX I think as a non-core add-on module - this then lines me up perfectly for my new Economic modelling software which I'll be needing for next semester.

Yeah I am probably going to have a go at that book on Neo-Capitalism next semester. I have only one class and my dissertation happens to fit one part of one chapter so I even get to get marks for writing some of it. The book will be a trilogy with the first book being the Conclusions, second book being the Maths & Science (and computer modelling) and third book being the Moral & Spiritual. Yes it is supposed to be backwards - I figure almost all readers won't want to wade through hefty theory, and furthermore hefty theory will put them off before they get to the conclusions. So I'll go for the conclusions first, then ever increasing amount of detailed explanation culminating finally at the end of Book 3 with God which seems spot on as God resides as the contradiction (a paradox) in the infinite. One gets some especially exciting maths modelling that kind of stuff, never mind moral theory. And if I can even get half the first book done by the end of next summer, I'll be happy.

However before that comes a very great deal of coursework unfortunately. I have lots & lots due between now and Christmas - all sorts of group presentations, group essays, group this and group that. It's very slow moving because it's all group work, and there are endless problems of interpersonal relations and coordination - the key is to keep tipping away and start as early as the group will let you. Interestingly I think I only have two bits of coursework I do on my own this semester, probably less than 20% of all my coursework which is the first time it's been in a minority.

Johanna went through her usual annual difficult patch about two weeks ago, and after as usual coming close to breaking point, made some changes in her life and is now much better. She's had a lot happen to her last six months, no shortage of trials & tribulations usually imposed on her by external forces, and despite all that she seems to be bearing up well. I still don't see much of her, but have seen more of her this past week due to her own coursework commitments than I have before that. She seems to have been enjoying relaxing slightly this reading week which is very good.

Ok, next step I think is some food. I'm supposed to be going with Megan + father to Anstruther's famous fish & chip shop, but I'm getting too hungry! Be happy everyone!

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