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I was just finishing up the first write-up of my final year project when it occurred to me that pretty much every dedicated Computer Science undergraduate creates his own little shrine to his project somewhere on his website. Seeing as I'm no different, I thought I had better do something similar.

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A screenshot of the project at work!

Well, it's called NedHAL and it's a Modular Architecture Independent Multiprocessing Capable Hardware Abstraction Layer (no, for those who didn't immediately understand that, I'm not going to explain that). Anyway, if you want to know more, go peruse all this documentation I've collected here. BTW, apologies if it looks a little odd in some browsers, I just asked Word to blat me out some HTML. It doesn't do a very good job :(.

Initial project proposal in September

Porfolio submitted at Christmas break

There is a initial portfolio showing the state of the project currently (596k)

Latest documentation (last updated: 17th May 2000)

I've done a lot of work on the documentation over the last two weeks - in fact, I've written up all the APIs and written some introductions to the philosophies and methodologies used by NedHAL. Makes interesting reading for the department whom I'm sure it will confuse to no end :)

v0.90 of the NedHAL manual (all in HTML)

Presentation given to Department on 17th May 2000

I designed it in PowerPoint and asked it to blat me it out in HTML. This is it.

Full sources of NedHAL (including port of U/COS II to NedHAL)

Revision 3 of the NedHAL source archive (446Kb)

Note: The email address mentioned in the documentation NedHAL <at> has been retired due to overwhelming spam.


There are also sections which will end up in some form in the final year project documentation:

Okay, that's it for now. More updates as and when I get round to it.

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