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Thursday 30th July 2015: 12.54am. Just spent the past hour trying to turn my Windows 10 Insider Preview into a Genuine Windows 10 RTM without keylogger and Microsoft spyware sending everything you do to Microsoft. The Insider ISO was installed about a month ago as a full system wipe as my previous Win 8.1 was 32 bit, and I wanted 64 bit on this laptop. About a week ago I got the build 10240 which is supposedly RTM.
Saturday 18th July 2015: 3.13pm. Link shared: Windows 10 build 10240 auto update landed on my laptop just there, and so far stability is greatly improved. In particular, calc (the Windows Calculator) no longer crashes on load, and I use calc surprisingly frequently, partially for the company accounts, partially during programming.Unfortunately, the calc in Win10 is a Metro thing which requires you to be logged into Microsoft Store. I prefer local accounts so I am NOT permanently logged into Microsoft, and therefore calc won't work.
Friday 10th July 2015: 10.38am. Installed 64 bit Windows 10 onto my laptop yesterday with a full system wipe after the Windows 8.1 install on there had annoyed me sufficiently I couldn't cope any more. The previous install, which was an upgrade from a 32 bit Windows XP working fine since 2007 despite being on a totally different laptop, recently developed some problem with Windows Update whereby it would loop forever in the background an attempt to install updates, thrashing the disc drive and eating battery in the process.

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