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Tuesday 31st July 2012: 12.18am. So, I finally got my new second hand +BlackBerry #playbook working and up to date with the bleeding edge v2.1 beta Playbook OS. First impressions: I really wasn't expecting it to match or exceed Android 4.0, yet it repeatedly does - for the most part.Things way better than #Android or #iOS : multitasking, task switching, having a touch sensitive bezel you can do gestures with, third party services integration (e.
Monday 30th July 2012: 3.16pm. Got my second hand +BlackBerry #PlayBook today. Typically the thing refuses to boot - at all. What I get is a single red light for about seven seconds, then it flashes yellow five times, then it hard switches off and refuses to notice the power button.Turns out this is a very common problem - the Playbook refuses to boot if its battery charge is too low.
Thursday 26th July 2012: 10.22am. New 65w laptop power brick arrived today - a Wei Xin Da Electronics device just £7 delivered to Ireland. I had been thinking it couldn't possibly be any good at that price, but given that the netbook is ancient and draws a max of 20w I figured it was worth the risk (one aims for less than 50% load with cheap PSUs). Anyway, it has about the right weight for its wattage and looks and feels of reasonable quality.
Wednesday 25th July 2012: 12.35pm. Back from northern Ireland and facing into doing a month of maths coursework in just two days as the deadline is Friday. Bleh! Also, RIM likely can't get a dev alpha device to me before I start work there, so am going to buy a second hand playbook off ebay so I can get in some experience with as close to BB10 as I can get before I start.

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