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Friday 26th September 2014: 1.43am. Getting towards the end of my week long vacation ... and the chores are getting harder! There has been something subtly wrong with our internet here for a long time, but I could never quite put my finger on it. A few days ago I got annoyed that incoming phone calls to the house phone didn't present audio - stupid double NAT strikes again - so I resolved to actually do something about it, which culminated in me declaring defeat in persuading that crap residential vDSL modem from Magnet Broadband to behave itself, and simply ordering a Business Broadband connection not encumbered by all that crap instead.
Thursday 17th May 2012: 11.46pm. Just upgraded our #pfSense firewall to 2.1 dev which has shiny new IPv6 support. Turns out, fairly amazingly, that my ISP Imagine Ireland (part of Irish Broadband) supports native #IPv6 via 6to4, so all you have to do is tell pfSense to use 6to4 and voila, every machine in your network gets its own, real IPv6 address. Unlike with using a 6to4 tunnel from say tunnelbroker, 6to4 requires zero configuration.

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