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Thursday 13th September 2018: 6.17pm. Link shared: I'll be speaking at the C++ users group Dublin this coming Monday 17th September. Entire evening will be just me, 90 minutes, no other speakers. I just finished the slides for the talk just there, it shouldn't be too boring for folk hopefully. And it's the only talk I'll give in all of 2018, usually I speak twice a year at conferences, but this year has been unusually quiet for me.
Saturday 11th November 2017: 10.44am. Location: Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. #meetingcpp All packed up and ready to check out, though I'll probably take lunch with the conference before heading to the airport. It's been a good conference, a little too short, but so slickly run you wouldn't think its youth. I'd even rank it second best after the ACCU conference, and ahead of CppCon despite the latter's prestige. The availability of 90 minute slots is a huge winner, plus all meals provided and a free bar each night is unique.
Thursday 9th November 2017: 9.26pm. Location: Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. #meetingcpp Bailed out of the conference at 8.30pm to go say goodnight to kids, then hit the gym and took an actual real bath for my aching muscles - my first one in years! The conference quiz will be over now and the free bar will be on, but to be honest I'm pretty zonked again, my talk is tomorrow anyway.
Wednesday 8th November 2017: 8.55pm. Location: Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. #meetingcpp I finally have an end to my talk! It isn't great, but it'll do. It's the problem of running ahead in your talk from where the state of the art is, so final point is too vague because neither I nor anybody knows yet. I may run short on time anyway and thus skip over it in any case, if so it won't even get mentioned and it won't matter.
Wednesday 8th November 2017: 4.49pm. Location: Sakura. #meetingcpp Skipped lunch so I could try to finish my talk. So hungry, but awaiting sushi and sake right now ...
Tuesday 7th November 2017: 9.18pm. Location: Skybar. #meetingcpp This picture below doesn't do it at all justice, but the bar for this C++ conference is by far the best of the global C++ conferences. We are about as high as any building in Berlin, and it's a great view to have drinks to. Bar also has by far the best selection of booze of any of the conferences too, they have a many page menu and though the most expensive apart from Aspen, I can see some good discussions happening here next few nights.
Tuesday 7th November 2017: 7.57pm. Location: Restaurant Mavericks. #meetingcpp Just learned that the Michelin starred restaurant here is booked solid for four weeks :(. Sitting downstairs awaiting my second burger for today, unyay :(. Tomorrow intending to walk to sushi restaurant, eat properly, not constant burgers. This is Europe goddamit, not America! :(
Tuesday 7th November 2017: 12.25pm. Location: Dublin Airport. #meetingcpp Just waiting for the flight to Berlin for the Meeting C++ conference. Due to the rail strikes today, traveled up to Dublin last night and stayed in a hotel. I forget how badly I sleep first night in a hotel! Thus feeling pretty ropey, and looking forward to napping on the plane. And I'll surely sleep well tonight at least.

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