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Saturday 1st August 2015: 3.22pm. A review of European powdered food substitutes I posted to Reddit earlier today ( meaning to write up a quick review of my experiences with the European powdered meal replacements Joylent, Queal and Nutrilent. Joylent is the non-oil flaxseed version, Queal was the 2.0 still with oil bottle version, Nutrilent well they just started, so it's their original version.Why turn to powdered meal replacements?After a high cholesterol warning found in blood testing for a sudden onset of RSI last year, I needed to replace the high saturated fat diet I was on (cheese sandwiches!
Monday 4th May 2015: 12.59am. Link shared: Went to my box of Joylent to prepare tomorrow's work food and realised I have just three bags left! So I ordered a refill, this time banana flavour, and I also thought I'd try out their main competitor in Europe which is Queal. Queal costs €10 more for the powder, but €8 less for the P&P to Ireland so the price actually came out almost the same.
Monday 13th April 2015: 1.13am. Link shared: Probably most people reading this have heard of Soylent, the powdered meal replacement currently the fashion with computer programmery types. These may look like either diet shakes or protein shakes favoured by body builders, however they are probably much better for you than either of those as they aim for a totally nutritionally balanced meal replacement, so exactly 100% RDA of everything nutritious plus exactly 100% of RDA calories.

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