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Thursday 22nd September 2016: 5.05pm. Location: Hyatt Regency. Getting ready for the last practice run of my #CppCon workshop which I'll be giving in a few hours time. This time I really do expect to be the smallest in this track and not get surprised by the attendance like at the @ACCUConf, but I expect the questions to be much harder because I presupplied my slides, so those who attend will likely be quite hardcore enthusiasts.
Sunday 18th September 2016: 5.15pm. Location: Hyatt Regency. Here in Bellevue (Seattle) for #CppCon 2016 same hotel with a slightly nicer view than last year. Feeling unusually ropey the day after long distance travel than is usual for me, I have decided to try the gym and see if that enables a nap which might sort me out.
Tuesday 13th September 2016: 11.10am. Link shared: Finished writing the talk description of my CppCon workshop next week:"This is the third and likely final part of a "from first principles" series of beginner's workshops based on developing the v2 post-peer-review rewrite of proposed Boost.AFIO, a C++ library wrapping the advanced features of the filesystem intended for eventual ISO C++ standardisation. If you're the kind of library developer who likes building unusual low level concurrent algorithms using the very latest C++ 14-17 (proposed) features and testing them for time and space complexities, this is definitely your kind of talk.
Wednesday 7th September 2016: 7.27am. Link shared: Ten days exactly to go before I depart for CppCon 2016 in Seattle! I am very glad to report that the code I am presenting (link to talk is below) finally passed the last of its unit tests yesterday, so it is finally debugged and I have some performance benchmarks. As expected, this new filesystem locking algorithm is a full order of magnitude (10x-20x) faster than anything else in AFIO v2 that was presented at ACCU 2016 last April.
Monday 27th June 2016: 10.58am. My CppCon talk "Memory mapped distributed mutual exclusion using Proposed Boost.AFIO (asynchronous filesystem and file i/o)" has been accepted for presentation at CppCon 2016 in Seattle this September. My thanks to the Programme Committee for taking a bit of a risk on this topic, because as you'll see from the proposed abstract it is not certain if the topic is even feasible (if it isn't, I'll present the results of my failure :) )"
Saturday 9th April 2016: 7.33am. Link shared: The ACCU conference is only ten days away! Proposed Boost.AFIO v2, which I'll be presenting for the first time at ACCU, has the functionality I'm presenting written as of yesterday but it most definitely is not working - as the final part I added all required itself to work, I spent two weeks writing code, only checking to see if it compiles, not if it works until now so I have a raft of debugging to do this weekend.
Wednesday 14th October 2015: 10.52am. CppCon videos are up, and here is mine on Racing the File System which is a beginner's level workshop on race free filing system techniques leading up to proposed Boost.AFIO, an asynchronous file and race free filesystem library for C++. As much as it's "beginner's level", it's more really "from first principles", so it gets into more interesting stuff by the end including the transactional key-value store I'd like to be standardised into the C++ runtime based on AFIO.
Saturday 26th September 2015: 8.24pm. Location: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. That's my time in Seattle for CppCon over. Next stop Dallas Texas, then London Heathrow, then Cork Ireland. Yay :(#cppcon #cppcon2015
Friday 25th September 2015: 12.09am. The slides for the talk I just gave at CppCon 2015 on races on the file system. Video to follow in a few days time.#cppcon #cppcon2015

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