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1. Sunday 2nd June 2013
Sunday 2nd June 2013: 9.10pm. Link shared: In preparation for Paul to start work next week on his GSoC project of porting my code to Boost, I've been fixing up my code with Continuous Integration (for every change you commit a bot runs a full set of unit tests to ensure everything works) using the free-for-open source Travis CI.I have to say, I have been impressed with Travis CI: despite its clunky UI and less than great reporting, it's far more powerful than the CI we use in BlackBerry. ...

2. Sunday 28th July 2013
Sunday 28th July 2013: 6.52pm. Link shared: Last weekend before Google Summer of Code Milestone 1! The race is definitely on, so I was up till 7am poking the unit test bot with a stick and I have a lovely live build matrix showing whether, per-commit, the proposed library compiles and passes a unit test run on these platform and toolset combinations:Static analysis: clang + oclintLinux: GCC + libstdc++ 4. ...

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