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Friday 28th March 2014: 8.36pm. Link shared: Finally got round to adding a clang 3.4 ThreadSanitize and UndefinedBehaviorSanitize pass per commit to proposed Boost.AFIO. The reason I put it off for so long was the labour of writing the suppressions file to filter out all the false positives generated by the Boost libraries - I really wish the maintainers of those Boost libraries would get round to fixing up their code with _attribute_((no_sanitize_thread)) where needed :( Anyway, tis done now, and if I should ever accidentally introduce racy code in the future, Travis CI will shout at me :)#boostcpp #boostafio #clang #llvm #racecondition
Monday 3rd June 2013: 3.23pm. Link shared: Big week for C++ heads this: no less than two C++11 language complete compiler implementations will be released in the form of GCC 4.8.1 and clang 3.3. Now all we need is for the standard libraries and Visual Studio to catch up ... Dinkumware's STL has every C++11 feature I've reached for so far, alas libstdc++ is missing many bits of extremely vital functionality.

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