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1. Tuesday 11th June 2013
Tuesday 11th June 2013: 3.02pm. It's very rare I can show and tell anything from my work at BlackBerry, but I think this will be safe enough: this is the 29,554 functions of code which make up the rendering of an email by the BB10 Cascades Email Card with arrowed lines drawn between them showing which calls which, arranged using a repulsing gravity equation such that most interconnected items cluster while less connected items push apart. ...

2. Monday 19th August 2013
Monday 19th August 2013: 9.34pm. Well today I was fired from BlackBerry as part of their downsizing! I was barely there, just ten and a half months, but in my short time there I think it is safe to say I certainly made an impression - I think I even achieved the fastest internal Stackoverflow karma points rise ever, but don't quote me on that!Some of the highlights of my time there included single handedly porting clang/LLVM to QNX, something I only finished last Friday and it was wizard to watch LLVM being live JITed into ARM on device. ...

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