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Tuesday 2nd May 2017: 2.47pm. My latest conference video, this one being on the lightweight monadic transport expected<T, E> proposed for C++. This is my first conventional "knowledge transfer" talk where I simply pour knowledge out of my brain into the jug that is the audience as is traditional pedagogy, up until now I had argued a case or had done workshops, knowing that conference organisers always feel a lack of the latter and therefore tend to accept workshops quicker.
Monday 24th April 2017: 12.54pm. Location: Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre. Arrived at the ACCU conference with family after a very hectic morning during which none of us ate food yet. So famished, got started with a liquid lunch obviously until the food arrived. Kids have been amazing given the lack of food. Hope they have as much fun as they did last year.#accuconf
Friday 22nd April 2016: 4.09pm. Location: Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre. Link shared:​ #ACCUConf Just witnessed John Lakos and the presenter Charles Tolman tango dancing in a talk on software design! You think you've seen it all at tech conferences ...
Friday 22nd April 2016: 9.06am. Location: Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre. Link shared: Unusual keynote at the ACCU conference this morning: it's on the psychology of software developers by an academic researcher. In recent years I already know much if not most of the content at these conferences, but this talk is new and useful. For example the academic presenting the empirical findings has found very little pair programming in top teams, but lots of pair debugging.
Thursday 21st April 2016: 2.10pm. Link shared: Slides for my ACCU talk on proposed Boost.AFIO are now online at #accu2016 #boostcpp #boostafio

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