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StickyFront is a utility which enhances and modifies the Win32 user interface to make it quicker and easier to use. The alterations include:
  • Ability to quickly stick and unstick windows to the front
  • Much quicker access to the main window menu (as a context menu)
  • Suppression of modal dialog boxes - now you can alter windows disabled by dialogs!
  • Extension of file drag & drop allowing loading and saving files to be done entirely by drag & drop!

StickyFront has been hand-crafted in C++ directly using the Win32 API for speed and size - the executable is only 24Kb and the patch DLL is only 12Kb! The code is additionally exceptionally robust with excellent error handling, assuring you that if anything does go wrong during the patching process that all errors will be handled gracefully.

System requirements:

  • Any Win32 platform (eg; Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4 or 2000). NT 3.5 should provide limited functionality.
  • A Windows-supported pointing device (eg; mouse, trackerball)

Recent happenings:

  • Added 14th December 2000:
    It's still being tested folks ...

The most recent version of StickyFront is v2.01!

Recent issues:

  • Added 14th December 2000:
    We're still getting occasional cases of applications dying. This is related to the anti-modal feature, turning it off prevents the problem.

    Additionally, turning off anti-modal or quitting the program while anti-modal is in effect causes some very nasty problems. Hopefully it'll be fixed prior to release.

Download the demo:

The demonstration version of the utility is complete in every way except that:

  • The utility ceases operation after two hours and displays an annoying message. You can run it again if you want for another two hours.

This is intended to give you a good idea of what the utility is like and how much better Win32 is when using it but still encouraging you to pay for a registered copy if you like it.

[WARNING: This software is BETA only, it has not been fully tested yet - run at your own risk!]
You may download v2.01 of the utility's demo here [BETA]

You may review an online copy of the game's manual here (v2.0)

Purchase StickyFront2:

The utility may be purchased for US$25 with any major credit card. US dollars may not mean much to you, so we have provided a link to the Universal Currency Converter to give you a rough idea as to how much your credit card will be billed:

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Note that your credit card may not be actually billed by this generated amount, it depends on bank charges, exchange rates and many other things. It should serve as a guide however.

The secure credit card transaction service is provided by RegNet - The Registration Network. The product ID for StickyFront2 is #8464 and the author ID is #2513 (ned Productions). You will require a web browser capable of secure web transactions (recent versions of MSIE and Navigator qualify as do a fair few other browsers)


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