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Jpeg2Html is a simple command line utility which converts a directory full of jpeg files into a directory structure suitable for web browsing complete with clickable thumbnails. As far as I have found, there is no program available which has the intelligent sizing of thumbnails that Jpeg2Html has.


  • Always produces thumbnails with a correct aspect ratio (not squished)
  • Extremely fast - a twenty image directory is converted in only five seconds
  • Uses the IJG v6 jpeg library and so is extremely compliant with all types of JFIF based jpeg (no formats not recognised e.g.; progressive format)
  • Through the use of optimised IJG routines, produces small but detailed thumbnails (typically <4k) no matter what the original picture's size or detail was (hence fast loading pages). This enables a twenty image page to be displayed in only twenty seconds on a 28.8k modem.
  • Produced thumbnails are sized according to an intelligent size routine which attempts to get the minimum size possible whilst retaining enough detail to know what the picture looks like (no other generator I have met does this)

Jpeg2Html is freeware and its sources come with the archive as it not being very configurable yet requires the source tweaking each time you change an option ;).

Many thanks to Erwin, who reported a bug in the 1998 source code in 2014! I fixed it too, updated the JPEG library to 9a and regenerated the binaries using Visual Studio 2013!

Enjoy! If you want to contact me about JPEG2Html, write to me here.

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