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CallWin32 is a plugin for the Red Squirrel emulator (emulates an ARM-based Acorn computer) which permits RISC-OS to make Win32 calls in the context of the emulator. NEW: Now any Win32 code can invoke execution of up to 64 preinstalled RISC-OS code handlers. It also comes with a number of tools which use CallWin32 and they provide the following: Passes idle RISC-OS time back to Windows so CPU isn't always at 100% (NEW: Now *configure-able in aggressiveness) NEW: Synchronises RTC time so the RISC-OS doesn't lag NEW: Synchronises the RISC-OS mouse pointer with the Windows one NEW: Mouse wheel now scrolls RISC-OS windows (also configurable) NEW: RISC-OS mouse pointer won't continue to move nor receive clicks when Windows one exits Red Squirrel window History: 25th November 2005 v1.
This little section of the ned Productions website is dedicated to the Acorn RISC-OS programs I have made publicly available. These are far and few between right now, totalling indeed to a mere one: CallWin32 A plugin for the Red Squirrel Acorn emulator for Win32 Wimp2 Provides an alternative preemptive multitasker for Acorn RISC-OS, plus some kernel enhancements.  
Wimp2 is an alternative multitasker for Acorn RISC-OS which preemptively multitasks the application rather than cooperatively as the current RISC-OS Wimp does. It also provide various kernel enhancements such as a 1ms resolution interrupt timer.Wimp2 is designed to be broadly compatible with the existing application structure used by RISC-OS. The only difference is that the 17, 18 & 19 codes handler must be placed in a separate non-preempted routine so that Wimp messages requiring an immediate answer are not returned as unanswered by the Wimp (through a code 19).

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