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It took me an age to finally delve into GCC and make this patch despite having wanted to do so for as long as I can remember - however trying to debug the TnFOX Python bindings based on Boost.Python eventually drove me to despair. In reality though, I couldn't have done it without Brian Ryner's patch enabling class & struct symbol visibility declarations (PR 9283) and the new patch presented here could not have happened without Brian's continued efforts which are documented at PR 15000.
Just recently I moved from its old provider to its new one - unfortunately, the new one did not support shell access and thus you could not compile your own CGI. This was a problem as I had been using Muquit's excellent C-based web counter which meant, unfortunately I was going to have to change. In looking around to find some other solution which let me import my old counts, I came across a number of database-driven web counters which got me thinking.
This page is an attempt to specify why I do not consider computer software to be speech nor software to be merely the algorithms it contains. The consequences of this are far reaching - much of the GNU philosophy is undermined (especially the GPL), software patents look even worse than before and the use of copyright law to protect computer software becomes obviously a poor choice. We need a complete overhaul of Intellectual Property law for anything which can be wholly represented within a computer eg; computer software, music, video, books etc.
During my recent work on Tornado, I've come across a number of things which I haven't found anywhere else on the internet - so I thought I'd post them here for others to use. It's a hotchpotch of stuff not really in much order or organisation, but I think it is stuff you won't find anywhere else! Updated 21st November 2003 with improvements - you may find my page on "What is Computer Software?

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