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24th September 2002

Random stuff

Tuesday 24th September 2002: 9.40pm. I've just been trying to think of what I've been doing for the last month. I read some books - The Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy by Jeanne Cavelos particularly disrupted almost everything because I kept staying up until extremely late reading them and obviously then everything went to pot the following day. So really, the last two weeks since I returned from my annual August visit home to Ireland have been haphazard at best.

I got an article printed: even though it was written as an email from me to someone else. And then it suddenly turned up with someone else's name on it! - so a quick email later, and it's as you see it. It has gotten me onto thinking about a few more - I drafted one compact one but it's been suggested I knock it into a six part series or so.

My little side-project CallWin32 is nearly finished - with lots of assembler coding late into nights. Been fun.

Main project compiled and linked for the first time about ten days ago - and since then, well it's been slow going. But who knows, maybe an actual working executable someday soon!

I have a friend arriving on Friday to stay for a while and last Sunday I cooked for some friends despite most of them not turning up. So socially-wise, it's been active as well.

And well, that's about it really. It's getting colder here, still sunny but definitely the temperature is dropping. Before I'll know it, it'll be Christmas and wherever the hell next I'm going I'll need to be well on my way. It's between the UK and Switzerland really. I had the next month in my mind's eye for starting to look for work anyway, so for the next few weeks or so I can still relax. But the time is coming!

Ok, article time, and maybe linkage debugging time - yes, Tornado's latest build successfully causes the NT kernel to get confused so I installed some hard-to-find debugging tools in the hope of tracking it down. Failing that, I can always reinstall Qt I suppose. Ok cool, hope everyone's well and be happy!

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