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17th November 2003

Moving the website

Monday 17th November 2003: 12.06am. Friends came and then went and I returned to TnFOX whose v0.4 release happened this time last week. I then felt that with this huge backlog of other stuff to do, time to take a break (especially with the hours, that release consumed perhaps 750 hours of my life) and get on with things. Which is precisely what I've been doing.

Next few days will see the movement of this website off and onto mainly because of the USA PATRIOT Act, a thoroughly nasty piece of legislation which makes me feel quite uncomfortable continuing to send all my private correspondence through the US. Yeah sure I know moving it to the UK makes not a lot of difference as the CIA/NSA at least can just as easily tap a UK site as a US one - but in fact it's better in the UK than Ireland which is notoriously riddled with bugs. The west coast of Ireland has more cables in it the Irish government doesn't know about than anyone prefers to admit.

And well, apart from these odds & ends I redraft my UCAS personal statement once again most nights. And that's about it. Next thing for TnFOX is generic functors which will make a whole number of annoying areas from before much easier and well, that's about that. Be happy!

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