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6th May 2005

Johanna writes

Friday 6th May 2005: 2.29am. Well, it is all over - no more first year lectures! And exams are only a week away. Anyway, I'm okay - slept a lot this evening and my limbs have felt heavy all day yesterday and especially today which is annoying. But mostly this entry is really Johanna's cos she was complaining that I never talk about her except in passing and besides, with it being three months we've been going out I guess she gets the right to make an entry herself!

Well, it seems that even though I have been with Niall for three months now he hasn't really written anything worth reading about me... So, here I am writing it for him! (because I can then write as immodestly and biased as I like) Hmm.... not so easy to come up with anything good to write. I can start off with a brief biography...

Brief biography: On a snowy, stormy day in March, the 22nd in fact, in a hospital in Vasteras, Sweden,  I, Johanna Maria Crossley-Zels entered the world. The year was 1984... a good year for some, a bad one for others. I, unfortunately, can't remember, probably due to the trauma of birth, that kept me unable to remember things until I was about 5. By this time I was living in England in a grotty little town called Bracknell.. I moved to France at the age of 11, back to Sweden at 17 and then here to Scotland last year... to do a degree in Biochemistry!! Why I thought that was a good idea I will never know, which means I will probably change my degree to something a little less boring but still sciencey so I can pretend to be smart... because really I am a musician! I also like to dabble in philosophy, and basically anything else that one can be interested in, which means I never do any work and spend most of my time procrastinating or talking to people. However, these days most of my time is spent sleeping... kind of a waste of time, seeing as I am sleeping 20 hours on average more than I usually do per week...which is a lot! Anyway, if you ever get to meet me you'll just have to make your own mind up about what to think of me, because I don't feel like doing that for you as I don't have any control over it anyway?! So, Niall is back... meaning I am going to try and entertain him for a bit :p.... I'll write something else some other day if I get the chance to and if Niall lets me... bye for now... /Johanna

Okay well that's it from me! Be happy!

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