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18th March 2002

Work causes lots of inner tension

Monday 18th March 2002: 11.19pm. Grrr, the anger-at-nothing levels build ever higher ... I don't know if there's a proper word for that, it's not quite frustration, it's more just ... well, indiscriminate anger. If it weren't another week till the Easter break, well, I don't quite know what I'd do ...

Yeah, it's all still ticking along. In fact, it's hard to believe so much time has passed already. Things are speeding up for sure. Me having my computer here at least allows me to occupy my evenings and weekends with my studies which are proving progressive. I have at last a functioning game although it's not exactly releasable yet. I am still planning my own user interface, an AI player and possibly networked player support too. In that order too. I think seeing as it must be GPL'ed anyway, it can be my showcase application for my upcoming jobs search. Anyway, still a few months away yet ...

I spent my paddy's day (yesterday) in Oxford on a day-trip. I'd always wanted to see Oxford and while it was very similar to Cambridge, it was probably on the whole marginally better. I'm still not sure if I'd like to go to university there mind - the types wandering around were not mine as it were - although based on reputation, Oxford should prove better than Cambridge for sure. Certainly there were more oldish buildings, though I reckon many were built in the old style rather than proper old. Either that or they were remarkably well resistant to the rigours of time.

We had a meeting with the customer today where they come to ensure we're actually doing work. I told them the good news that we were only two weeks behind the schedule I gave them on the 11th January. If it hadn't been for their emergency meetings plus one full week of blocked valves and faulty electrics, we'd be on schedule. Still, that's what gives I suppose.

Regarding Easter for which we get a week off, my plans are to head north from roughly Sunday till Wednesday, maybe even Thursday. Then on to Madrid until Sunday when we must return to this accursed place until god knows when. I am tempted to say end of April, but thousands of euros makes me prevaricate. Hmm - a month more of this madness and a month less of sun, beach and freedom for more than 5k euros? Which would be more than a thousand euro per week? Hmm ...

Right, well, I think I am getting a cold which is all I need given the bout of sneezing and sniffling I just went through. Not good. Probably best time for bed. Ok, sorry not to be able to report more, there isn't really anything to do so. If I only got more time to read my books I might have something to say based on them. On BTW having finished that Tao of Physics I must say that the similarities between quantum physics and eastern religious thought is quite striking. Having had a few mystical experiences myself I can see where the realisation of the interconnectedness of all things arises - it would seem to me that the more recessed from the world one becomes into ones mind, the more that realisation becomes apparent. To describe exactly how I felt at the time, this diary may have it in its archives and then again maybe not. I can't remember, and I feel too sick to bother looking. I'll trust you all to the probably dysfunctional search engine on the navigation bar

Ok, definitely time for bed and another day at work. Oh yippee. I really just can't wait. Hmm, yes. Be happy!

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