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16th June 2001


26th June 2001

Visit to England

Saturday 16th June 2001: 8.18pm. Went to see Paul Van Dyk play last night, wasn't bad, the club clearly had shit loads of money invested in it but the staff were a little too "do what we tell you" for my tastes although it didn't approach most of the super-clubs in the UK. But it reminded one very much of them, right down to them trying to catch you smoking joints - even though I didn't see anyone getting hauled out, it's ridiculous in a country with the relaxed laws this one has to be trying to stop people smoking weed.

Mr. Van Dyk also played a good set, but it wasn't fantastic. Much as with when I went to see Paul Oakenfold, the DJ before and the DJ after played IMHO a better set despite being locals. The melodic stuff is fine for albums or the radio, but people at a party want just hardcore thrapping tunes. These big DJs don't seem to provide.

Two things about last night made it for memory though: the visuals, which given at FestiMad a few weeks ago were also excellent, is beginning to prove Spain beats the pants out of the UK for visuals. I've no idea why, but UK has really crap lighting systems. The second was the carbon dioxide injection system which very violently squirts CO2 from the roof. To be on the dance floor when this goes off is a unique experience, this isn't like normal smoke systems, this is like someone just took the temperature in the club down by 15C by blowing vast quantities of cold air through the club (also of course, everything goes quite foggy which combines nicely with the strobes). Never mind being refreshing :)

Oh, one last thing, they had lots of dancers with long legs and very little on dancing in pedestals (there were men too but I didn't notice them much). Another good.

Ok, last three weeks. Well, I've been working. And that's it. Otherwise, nothing's changed at all. And it's a year now since university ended, who would have believed it huh? So I'm going back to Hull next weekend, say goodbye to all the new ex-students, most of whom I will probably never see again. I have been in Spain now for thirty-eight weeks, some nine months, that's three-quarters of a year now. Can't believe it really, it goes so quickly.

Right, beer and spliff, and perhaps a stupid brainless movie. Might even wander into town tonight sometime. Hasta luego, and be happy!

Tuesday 26th June 2001: 6.00pm exactly. Visit to UK went well, I was surprised though at how little relations among the old crew had changed. However, I subsequently reminded myself of my crew at home in Ireland who took at least two years to become properly distinguishable from what I had known. I also had hell on Sunday with the crappy british transport system which failed to get me to my airport in time, hence necessitating an expensive stay over in Liverpool during which I mostly slept (I needed it!). Also of course I missed Monday at work and indeed the repair man for the washing machine - not good!

Other than that, nothing much to say. I did have lots of cool stuff to say this morning before I left for work but typically at the end of an exhausting day I can't remember any of it. Anyway, it's bed time for me, I feel so tired and my head hurts so I'll hope that I remember or come up with some new stuff soon and get it down. I need a good discussion, good for mental stimulation!

Right, I'm off - be happy!

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