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11th July 2000


Tuesday 11th July 2000: 8.24am. Jeesh, I thought it was Wednesday today, not Tuesday. Guess the weekend has thrown me off ... anyway, this entry is to put lots of people's minds at rest after the last gloomy entry. I thought it was quite upbeat when I finished it, but the emails of concern would seem to indicate I was wrong. Anyway folks, no I'm not about to top myself, if you hadn't noticed I pointed out that these were realisations I had just made, and hence I was happy that I had made these given it meant it likely I would solve them in the near future.

So what's been up? Game's finished and on sale, and now that that's done I'm on the case of learning spanish: yo aprendo español. That took me well over fifteen minutes to translate, but I'm fairly sure it's right. I wonder how it's pronounced?

Anyway, I'm off to write a letter to Ruth and then translate it into Spanish and she what she makes of it. Could be interesting :)

Okay, see you all again soon. Bye bye, be happy!

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