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21st February 2004


Saturday 21st February 2004: 4.16pm. God I feel shattered! Last night as it turned 4am I really felt unable to do much more productive work though because I had felt pretty whacked since about 2am I'd only been doing simple tasks anyway. Little tidy up details. I woke today at 12pm, fell asleep despite the sunny day shining in on me and didn't actually properly wake till 3.30pm when I had to really force myself to get into the shower. And here I am now, cup of tea to my left, and I ain't feeling too hot yet. Groggy.

But then this week I suppose I've put in the hours. Been doing a tagged data container and widget to display and edit it. Tagged data containers are the workhorse of Tn, they're used to pass around parameters to and from capabilities as a lightweight data transport mechanism. Jeesh, I can't believe it's already been two weeks since I finished TnFOX, where has it gone?

Right, plan is as follows: (i) Components & Capabilities (ii) Capability UI (menus, toolbars, dialogs) (iii) Security Model (with revocable caching) (iv) Kernel namespace (v) Namespace redirects with layer per process and per user (vi) i/o points & data streams (vii) Inter-kernel communication. That should more than take me through the summer to when it currently looks like I'll be returning to university at St. Andrews. At least there I'll have the free time to continue development.

As for what else has been happening in my life, well there is no other life. I haven't even been out socially since Christmas. Middle of next month I'll be visiting St. Andrews to have a look at the place but until then I have capabilities to do. Cool, best get back to it now - y'all be happy!

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