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16th December 2004

Women, women, women - which should I choose?

Thursday 16th December 2004: 5.11pm. Right now I should be at a christmas party, but I just realised that it's on the other side of town and it's too wet & cold outside for me to bother. So I do this entry instead, which really needs to be done before Saturday when we get kicked out of halls for Christmas break.

Things have been good these past four weeks. All those women I was getting close to last entry I have grown still closer to and indeed I met a particularly interesting one with whom I entered into a brief relationship which I ended last Saturday (the first since Ruth). The problem was communication, or rather the lack of positive reinforcement that she was actually interested in me - which given my insecurities was generating all sorts of jitters within me - but then it turned out when I ended it that in fact she had been very interested in me after all. Still, I made the right decision - she's someone I could fall in love with, and (a) I'm not ready to do that quite yet and (b) the insecurities that caused her lack of positive reinforcement of her interest will disappear with age anyway. And I can afford to wait.

More recently I have also met a young lady who reminds me a lot of my first ex-girlfriend Aoife. Similar worldview, similarly brighter than me - and that also raises a whole pile of skeletons though to be fair, I never weirded out with Aoife (twas over too quick maybe). Obviously she's a pretty good mental workout each & every time though I've been very tired recently. And while I'm not sure what's going to happen there, I do know it's going to become interesting.

And past that, there's not much else to report. There's been a lot of work preparing for class tests so with that and everything else it's been very busy. Despite that, I managed to get some work done on Tn whose web page I've updated. So with that it's off with me to dinner, y'all be happy!

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