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21st December 2003

No one wants the project

Friday 21st December 2002: 12.44am. I am sitting here on the eve of my journey back home for Christmas with air whistling around me - my new computer has been particularly troublesome recently and the first processor in the stupid thing keeps overheating - so its case is open with a desktop ventilator pointing directly inwards. It brings back a case of deja vue because my old A3000 blew its power supply unit near the end of a competition entry and I had to make do with one from a BBC Master. Problem was it delivered far too much current, so the motherboard kept overheating and the only way to keep it working was a space heater with the heat turned off. Ah, memories!

Not a lot has happened last two weeks. I finished the project two weeks ago, it has one major bug that I know of. No one I offered it to even wanted to see the demo, either indicating something wrong with my carefully crafted proposal letter or a substantial lack of forward-thinking by the companies in question. You always think of these entrepreneur guys as always being open to new ways of investing long-term to make loads of money, but I've obviously got the wrong vision. Makes you wonder how these companies got started first place.

Last hope is NESTA, which if it fails means a return to normal employment end of February. I should know about NESTA early in January, so I yet have time. Not a lot, but some.

Since that time, I've mostly watched eps and movies and played an old 1996 game called Masters Of Orion 2 which is a horribly addictive game I wasted enough time with back in 1996. I also stayed up really late, ate all the food I'm not supposed to and generally enjoyed myself, knowing there will be precious little of it again for the next few years.

Well I can't think of anything else to write really - I suppose I'm also quite tired which is good given I must rise early. Hence, happy christmas everyone, and be happy till the new year!

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