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26th August 2003


Tuesday 26th August 2003: 12.14am. I spent a week at the start of the month in bed sick for no real good reason. I guess people sometimes just fall ill suddenly, but it sure has put a dent in my schedule. It most certainly is not looking hopeful before the end of August

However, that's partially due to feature creep - it now has strong encryption support which I had always meant to have, but I thought well stop dawdling and add it. Also, getting the python bindings has proved tougher than I had hoped so I had time to kill while bugs I reported were fixed, but we're making progress.

I'm guessing it's likely now to be the end of September which will be good enough. It's a damn fine library already, and will be something quite unique in its own right by the time I start Tn.

On other news, I'm off to the UK tomorrow for a wedding and I'll be back on Monday. Which will be a whole new month (again). And yet with so little to report other than that my father has returned from his voyage.

Be happy!

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