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13th April 1999

First entry after easter break

22nd April 1999

Smoking some strong shit, aftermath of Howard Marks' visit

30th April 1999

Day before Jay Day, thoughts

Tuesday 13th April 1999: 2.24am. Well, the Easter break is over and I'm back in Hull. The three day comedown from Mr. Whippy last Saturday where I took great quantities of heinous chemicals is now thankfully over, so now I finally feel up to doing things productive rather than attempting to. I won't go into it - let's just say I was bad on Monday :(

Well, hopefully in about forty hours I shall be meeting Howard Marks at the train station. He hasn't been replying to email, something I'm very worried about. I've invested about six hundred pounds in his visit, and I will be really shafted financially if he doesn't turn up. If he does, we have one hell of a night ahead of us. Should be mind-blowing!

You'll probably have noticed by now the new language conversion option on the top of all the pages. I've spent the last three hours on it (it's now 6.07am) and it came from an idea I had when I was in Ruth's. She doesn't have the best English, so I thought I'd make it dead easy for her to read these diaries! Give it a go if you know a foreign language - the machine translator isn't perfect, but it does an adaquate job I reckon from my knowledge of German.

After the last update, I of course spent a few days in Malaga with Susana from last summer. While there, we ate seafood (delicious!) and saw bits and pieces of Malaga and the southern coast of Spain. Of course, all the other spanish girls from last summer were there too, as was semana santa (holy week) where lots of religious types carry lots of very ancient thrones depicting Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary in various lights eg; the virgin mary of the poor, the virgin mary of the joyful etc. It was really interesting to see all this, if somewhat weird, but it got a lot better after I scored some sticky black hashish which made the whole experience considerably better. You don't notice so much the incredible tediously slow progression of the thrones, and you notice more the crowds clapping and cheering and the intricate detail and lights on the thrones. Nice.

I ended up back in Ruth's for a few more days until last Wednesday, just under a week ago now. It was uneventful, other than we realised how much our thoughts of each other were more based in a figurative image rather than a realistic one. Ooo, dangerous Niall, but I'm throwing my faith towards providence. We shall try anyway ...

Then as mentioned above, I kicked around Cambridge until Mr. Whippy. This was pretty boring actually, as I was broke and fifty quid's worth of drugs didn't materialise on the night, so I had far less fun than I really should have had. I enjoyed the night, but the thought of how it could have been better never mind the loss of fifty quid scoured it somewhat. Pity.

So, back to Hull again. As I said, the long come down has stopped me doing very much at all. I also need to write down everything I need to do in a few minutes so I know what I'll be doing today. Yup, another all-nighter - Niall is back with a vengence!

Right, I'll be off to do shit. Cheers for still reading, be happy, see you again soon!

Thursday 22nd April 1999: 8.56am. I woke up this morning at 4.30am, after passing out the previous afternoon roughly about twelve hours before. Hmm, I thought this morning: this could indicate you have a serious marijuana addiction ...

On the other hand, it could simply be that I am smoking this sativa/indica hybrid skunk at the moment. This stuff is severely head-fuck stuff, you are rendered almost incapable of doing virtually anything. I haven't left my room since Monday when I got the stuff. I've just spent my time barely able to move, hallucinating my tits off. I did say this stuff fucked your head. I honestly think this stuff is the strongest weed I've ever smoked outside Holland. And given I have quite a bit left, I'd imagine these bouts of three days or so of doing absolutely nothing aren't ended yet ...

Well, I'm down about two joints of the stuff now in about five hours. That's maintainable - about one joint every three hours keeps you just below the collapse threshold. Which I'm sure give you some idea of how strong it is ... I can normally smoke around two joints of skunk an hour and say cogniscient, but this is stuff is more like a third an hour. Severely strong ... it came from a severe pothead in Sheffield who has spent years perfecting his skunk to the strongest possible extent even at the expense of yield. This stuff gives about three-four ounces a plant (not a lot) and puts you sideways. Hmm ...

Anyway, off gear to gear-related things. Howard Marks went great, me and him had some excellent conversations about pretty varied things and we also raised 450 quid for the cause which is also cool. We are now able to send people to London on May 1st (only nine days away now too!) for only a tenner, which is blindingly low. Shortly after that, I should also be visiting my grandfather who's near death now, so it's good timing :)

Umm, anything else? Lots probably, but things are beginning to spin again. Yeah, I've just finished another joint of that stuff again. Me and Ruth are having problems deciding about the summer, I want to go to Canada where I have work lined up but she wants to remain in Europe. I don't know what I'm going to do ... also, serious chemicals will be done by me again soon - in a few days, Homelands is on with a 24 hour dance session, so that will require serious chemicals I think.

Ooo, I need to lie down. See you all again soon, be happy till next time ...

Friday 30th April 1999: 5.10pm. The last week has seen nothing but preparations for May Day, which is tomorrow of course. We're taking down around a hundred people, which isn't much but not bad going I think. It should be a good day tomorrow.

And umm, I'm wasted. Smoking some potent skunk. So I just wanted to let you all know I'm still here, even if I've had almost no sleep recently and am wasted right now. Yet again may I add.

Bye bye, if you're there tomorrow pass me a joint. Until then, be happy, and until next time. Hopefully when I get some time to catch up on things like this!

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