Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 21 November 2019

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Thursday 21 November 2019: 21:32. Things have been quite busy these last two months. The big ticket item was getting married in Yosemite National Park end of October which obviously enough sucked down a fair bit of the month of October. Straight after the wedding party that night, I fell ill with a touch of viral meningitis, and that was me out of commission until we returned to Ireland whereupon I immediately went into ten days of WG21 standards meeting. I only got home this time last week, and have been clearing backlog ever since.

I didn’t take any photos of the wedding, as we had a professional wedding photographer who will put me to shame. However I did take a quick snap of the wedding party on Sentinel beach within Yosemite just before the ceremony began:

Many thanks to all of you for attending – most travelled from Europe, which was not at all cheap for you. And the surprisingly high number of you who came despite the distance and cost was most humbling. Thank you.

Everybody appeared to have a good time, though of course the bride and groom would be the last to know if anybody did not. Both myself and Megan were flitting around making the wedding happen, so to be honest it was all quite the blur, and I don’t really remember what I talked about with people at all, only that I am very sure that I talked to everybody for at least a non-trivial amount of time. Almost everybody appeared to be in a good mood and happy to be there, for which I was and am glad.

I still have more backlogged posts to make here: I want to write a short review of my new car as compared against my preceding cars. And I’ll surely revisit my Mintos investments start of December, as I am now considerably lighter of funds than I was two months ago, weddings are expensive! Be happy everyone!


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