Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 11th January 2019

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Friday 11th January 2019: 1.19am. Link shared:

Just finished What Remains of Edith Finch, which was on my bucket list for inter-employment R&R gaming. It's basically a slightly interactive series of short stories, the kind of thing Megan would really love. And yes, even with my thick skin of cynicism, I have to admit I enjoyed the three hours or so of "reading" the stories. It did even tug a bit at the emotional heart strings, though I found the ending a bit natch. Definitely worth the tenner I paid for it on sale. I'm also currently playing through the original Walking Dead Tellgame game, yes it has actually sat in the inbox this long despite being listed on And well ... it's a bit like with Half Life 2. Sure, it's a great game. But it's a bit set-piecey, and you can see the set pieces from miles away, and to be honest there's nothing particularly special in this game, as there wasn't in HL2, that I could see as why people laud it as they do. Nevertheless, I can see myself finishing it, which is rare for me with most computer games as boredom sets in early for me usually. I also picked up a raft of other games on Steam Winter Sale. Spent about thirty euro for six games, all of which are apparently somewhat like Mass Effect 2, which I rate as the best overall game in the 2010s bar none. We'll see how much time I get to play those.

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