Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 9th September 2018

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Sunday 9th September 2018: 4.04pm. For the last four weekends, been ever so slowly building a new house server inside a VM running on the old house server. Got so close this weekend to switching it over, but just fell short. I've set up a rsync cronjob to keep old server mirrored to new server, so as soon as I get home next weekend, hopefully I can finally migrate as the old server is increasingly crashing out while I am away which means everything stops until I get home to raise it from the dead again. It's not the hardware, the hypervisor remains running, it's the VMs, some of which were installed in 2013 just when Clara was born, and have been major version upgraded which is always a bad idea. They all need to be swept out and replaced with latest across the board, should restore stability.

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