Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 5th July 2018

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Thursday 5th July 2018: 7.52am. Location: 53.37846374511719,-6.588694095611572.

Feeling increasingly exhausted by the warm weather I must admit. It's not the sunshine, I love that. Rather it's having to keep window + blind wide open all night to have any chance of sleeping due to the heat. Last night I was being constantly pestered by a fly who kept walking on me, so I did not sleep well. And even all week, a good night of sleep has been elusive, there are loud students outside until midnight, then birds chorus around 5.30am plus the sun rises. Looking forward to this Friday night where I stand a good chance of a lie in as Megan + children are still in Clifden. I definitely could do with a restorative!

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