Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 17th June 2018

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Sunday 17th June 2018: 3.37am. I totally appreciate that you need to be towards the top of the tech industry to fully get it, but Silicon Valley is one of those few TV shows where I actually have to pause playback because I'm laughing so hard until I can regain control of myself. Fairly amazingly they've kept up the quality level despite it being a third season. I just watched this billionaire autistic CEO comparing notes with another tech CEO, where the latter asked the former how he legendarily had hurt himself during a coding sprint, as the latter had just been hospitalised due to walking through a sheet of glass due to exhaustion from a four day coding sprint. I won't spoil the former's response, but I couldn't stop myself laughing for several minutes. So depressing. Yet so true. Our industry is tragedy, especially the higher you get in it.

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