Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 20th March 2018

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Tuesday 20th March 2018: 1.30am. My car rental for the Hull trip was a 2017 Seat Ibiza. Quite a fancy car, high levels of blingy trim though same tinny construction like my sister's Ibiza. But horrible engine, raspy, underpowered, complains annoyingly when pushed, it had all of the irritating behaviors of a turbo diesel yet without any power, and it was also not a turbo petrol neither, it was a straight one litre petrol I looked up its reg. I don't know what they did to it, but the 1.0 L engine in the Micra was far smoother, and my 18 year old 1.4 L Focus may have the same peak horses but it's far more powerful in comparison. All that said, it did get 51 mpg on petrol mostly motorway driving, and it cruised at 70 mph as comfortably as the Focus. It would be a good car if it had a better engine assuming the price were right.

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