Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 5th February 2018

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Monday 5th February 2018: 9.52am. Link shared:


Outcome is accepted into Boost, and links to the review manager's report (be warned, it is lengthy). Here is what I wrote in acknowledgement:

I'd like to thank Charley for writing such a lengthy and detailed review report, in addition to performing duties in one of the hardest review managements I think I've seen this decade.

I'd like to thank the reviewers for their feedback, and all those who have written me emails and sent me their notes and pull requests.

I'd like to thank the dozens of people who made Outcome happen over the years since I started it in 2014, including my wife Megan for putting up with all my early nights so I could get in a few pre-work hours on Outcome each morning.

I hope to get Outcome ready for the Boost 1.68 (August) or 1.69 releases (December). Lots of work remains to implement the peer review feedback, all of which has been logged to where people can track items as they get fixed.

Thank you Boost!


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