Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 24th December 2017

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Sunday 24th December 2017: 12.52am. Location: Magic Kingdom Park.

This morning on the other hand was clear as a bell, and unfortunately correspondingly crowded, though not as awful as on Monday when it wasn't really enjoyable given the sheer number of people. Christmas Day is the worst day all year, they close the doors to entrants around 10am because they're at the fire limit. So we're staying away, we'll be at Colorado Springs Resort with Megan's parents which is much nicer than our resort. Theirs has a mini water park, much nicer food, non fast food restaurant, real plates and cutlery instead of disposable paper and plastic, and so on. Oh and you get free coffee cups in the mornings. Here they want six dollars for a disposable cup. That really irks me when you're trying to get the kids onto the 8am bus and they won't give you a god damn throwaway cup and you're paying 120 plus dollars a night to be here (and no tea/coffee in the rooms either). Anyway we'll be taking a nice easy day in the sun, no queues, no people, no crowds. Tomorrow though, Epcot for our second time, we'll be doing the other half we didn't do last time.
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