Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 26th October 2017

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Thursday 26th October 2017: 11.13pm. Location: Dromahane.

As I'll be going to be sleeping in some cheap room without refrigeration nor cooking for twelve months, picked up this mini fridge today at Aldi for seventy euro. It's a thermoelectric cooler rather than compressor, and I had been expecting correspondingly lousy cooling. But as you can see below, reaches 4C which is more than enough to keep food. I guess modern fridge insulation is so much better than it used to be as the cooling power of the peltier effect is quite limited. Most thermoelectric cooling devices like wine coolers gobble vast amounts of electricity, but this fellow isn't too bad, he's about half the power consumption of an under counter fridge which is admittedly five times the capacity, and he gets far more efficient in a cold room as all thermoelectric coolers do. Should do me well next few months.
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