Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 10th September 2017

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Sunday 10th September 2017: 11.00pm.

Now under 74kg, it took me nearly two months to lose 1kg. Entirely understandable as without a job and awful weather, the opportunity to exercise vigorously was very limited, and we can't really go anywhere as that costs money. The log regression model is back to exactly as it was in June when I first took a regression which suggests it's the most accurate predictor, so according to it I will continue to lose 1kg every two months reaching 72kg in February 2018. 72kg is significant, as that is my maximum healthy weight according to the doctors. 70kg is the target, and it's also the weight that I graduated from St. Andrews at in 2008, having arrived at St. Andrews in 2004 at a mere slip of 65kg. I am, of course, a world away from when I graduated from Hull where due to a lot of frequent exercise, and other weight losing activities, I was only about 55kg or so. Still, it's much harder to keep the weight off when older. Less free time, more free money!
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