Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 29th August 2017

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Tuesday 29th August 2017: 2.28am. After only sixteen, yes sixteen, hours of Twin Peaks season 3, I have to admit my heart sprung a joy when the zombie Agent Cooper - who was admittedly very entertaining - finally became fully restored after electrocuting himself as the Agent Cooper in this week's episode. Sure, exchanging your soul to save Heather Graham from BOB and then returning from the afterlife in the red room is rather impactful on oneself, but the zombie thing was beginning to drag on a bit. Anyway now Agent Cooper is fully back to form, looking forward to seeing lots more of original him plus finding out why all the other characters, including Laura Palmer, her murderer father Leo, and indeed Audrey who blew herself up in a bank end of season 2, are somehow still around. Indeed we only just learned that Diane was a chimera. It's actually beginning to start to make sense weirdly, but only very recently. Until recently it was just randomness upon randomness, sometimes literally the camera staring at a box inside a box for five minutes while buzzsaws grind, or the same clip on loop for five minutes with mist wafting over it, all of which requires a strong constitution to keep at it. This season, all directed by and indeed starring David Lynch, has been in some ways simultaneously both the best and worst Twin Peaks season ever. It's both amazing and awful. If you're not watching it, you really should be. Precisely because it's not Game of Thrones where the final ending was obvious from the start. In Twin Peaks season 3, as was hinted at by the Twin Peaks movies, was Laura Palmer actually murdered by her father? Or was something else far more profound actually happening? What actually is Laura Palmer? What does she mean?

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