Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 18th June 2017

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Sunday 18th June 2017: 6.57pm.

Many thanks to my father for taking us to my mother's grave earlier today. Appalling as I'm sure it will be to many, I failed to find it on my own. Modern graveyards are huge and densely packed. Very easy to get disorientated. Anyway the photo below contains the exact GPS coordinates which are 51° 53' 24.99496" N 8° 33' 50.79475" W and yes, I am using this blog post to make sure I can find that location again anytime in the future. For those curious, yes the stone is "unusual" in that it is not shiny black marble like almost all recent headstones. It is in fact traditional unpolished limestone like the kind used for a millennium in Europe. Fairly uncommon nowadays though. It is also shaped like a traditional headstone, something also uncommon nowadays where squat wall like surfaces are much more common. So it actually stands out like a sore thumb in a way for being so old fashioned. And yet I still couldn't find it on my own ...
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