Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 2nd May 2017

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Tuesday 2nd May 2017: 2.47pm.

My latest conference video, this one being on the lightweight monadic transport expected<T, E> proposed for C++. This is my first conventional "knowledge transfer" talk where I simply pour knowledge out of my brain into the jug that is the audience as is traditional pedagogy, up until now I had argued a case or had done workshops, knowing that conference organisers always feel a lack of the latter and therefore tend to accept workshops quicker.

I think it went pretty well apart from getting the length wrong again (I needed two hours for the material I had prepared), and much better than how my preceding Seattle 2016 talk went, which was not well, workshops don't work inside a single hour and I won't repeat that mistake.

Anyway turnout was good, I got easily a quarter of the conference and most of the C++ standards folk, all of whom seemed pretty happy. Indeed this time round I kept the audience with me perfectly, and moreover without gaps nor fadeouts during the full 100 minutes. So I am hoping the audience feedback will be positive.

I'm definitely finding that the 90 minute slot works far better for me than the 60 minute slot. The latter doesn't give enough scope for you to adjust pacing according to the audience's ability to wrap their collective heads around the material. I may just submit a 120 minute talk to Meeting C++ actually, more guarantee of success especially as there will be a language barrier there.

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