Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 19th April 2017

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Wednesday 19th April 2017: 11.19am. Noticed something initially odd with my cycling to work times so far this year - I'm regularly coming in at 18 minutes and a few seconds without much effort with an average of > 13 mph. This was surprising as last summer if I made it under 20 minutes, I felt it a great time which I didn't always make, and I was usually panting and sweating heavily.

But then it occurred to me that I am now 8kg lighter than last summer, which is about 10%. So the energy required to move me the distance will be 8.2% less than before once accounting for the mass of the bike, which is 1 minute 38 seconds of a 20 minute cycle time. Which is pretty much spot on 18 minutes 22 seconds, or what it is now taking me to do that cycle.

I wonder what time I'll get when I reach 70 kg? Should be 16% faster, or 16 minutes 45 seconds approx. If the trend continues.

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